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Lyme Disease Information on Lyme Disease
  • scissors
    December 21st, 2012Adminlyme disease in dogs
    lyme disease on dogs

    Some of the symptoms of pet diseases causing ill health: Loss of appetite, excessive gain or loss of weight, excess water consumption, abnormal discharges of the nose, eyes etc., abnormal, difficult, uncontrolled waste elimination, lethargy, abnormal behavior, sudden viciousness, limping, abnormal lumps, finding difficult to get up or lie down, dandruff, open sores, dull coat or ragged coat,    .. more …

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  • scissors
    December 7th, 2012Adminlyme disease rash

    or do you get a bullseye rash from a normal tick bite too?

    The bull’s eye rash is considered diagnostic for Lyme disease. In other words, they don’t even have to test you. If you’ve got a bull’s-eye, they treat you for Lyme. However, bull’s-eye rashes can vary significantly in what they look like. And sometimes docs who don’t have a lot of experience with Lyme say the rash is really ringworm–not a Lyme rash. Here are some pictures of them on the web:, you could have one that looks different from these and it could still be Lyme.This is serious stuff. If you have a bull’s-eye rash, you want to start treatment immediately. Good luck.

    There’s every possibility that it IS lyme disease. See a doctor as soon as possible, lyme disease is very, VERY serious and can have life-long consequences.


    Its the common reaction (rash) from the ticks (deer tick ) that carry Lyme’s Disease. You need to follow up with your MD.Take care. SW RNP

    Yes, it is considered as the only specific symptom of the disease!

    If you have one, don’t waste time and see a doctor.

    Start reading about Lyme disease; you are going to need it.

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