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Lyme Disease Information on Lyme Disease
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    March 28th, 2014Adminlyme disease in dogs

    Fleas and ticks are the biggest enemy of animals/pets. Fleas and ticks are the parasites that survive on animal body and feed blood from pet body.
    Fleas are the tiny parasite that is of brown color insect and lives on pet skin and survive by sucking blood of animals. Fleas not only cause irritation and pain to the animals but it also causes medical problems like Flea Allergy Dermatitid (FAD), anemia, stomach flu and sometimes Lyme and death also.
    Fleas cannot fly; they just jump from one body to another. Only one bite of flea is more than enough to cause irritation and allergy.
    Ticks are the parasite that is just of a pinhead size and increases its size by sucking blood from the host body; they are not considered under insect group. They are found in outdoor areas like woods, grassy area, woods etc., where they wait for the passing animals/pets and attack them to make them there host.
    The general targets of ticks are often dogs. They transmit serious diseases to dogs and sometimes to humans.
    Not only Tick but also the tick larvae’s attack pets and cause serious disease. Ticks generally make their target on dogs. Ticks may also carry infective beings that can transmit diseases to cats and dogs. The skin irritation is caused due to the tick saliva.

    What are the symptoms?
    The common indication of flea is the extreme itching and irritation of the animal. It also leaves mark like hair loss or baldness and reddish areas etc. The small and fast moving brown insects that you see on your pet body are nothing but fleas.
    The common indication of flea is the extreme itching and irritation of animal. It also leaves mark like hair loss n reddish areas etc.
    The common symptoms of Flea and ticks are:
    Hair loss
    Baldness and reddish areas
    Rashes, pimple,
    Placed efflorescence,
    Skin rashes.

    What Precaution should be taken?
    Ticks can be found mostly in vegetated areas like parks, gardens etc in an outdoor environment. Removing and cleaning leaves and clearing brush and tall grass from around the house can be effective in reducing the number of ticks.
    Keep home and pet’s bedding cleaned at always. After walking your dog outside, check him thoroughly for ticks, fleas and other pests.
    There are several Pet Meds available that helps to fight against fleas and ticks. As the life cycle of fleas is of 6 months, generally the flea control products are recommended to be use for 6 months. It is highly effective if used regularly and in the end it is fleas are stopped.

lyme disease dog

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About the Product DA Double Advantage:
Why DA Double Advantage:
It provides protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more.

It kills adult and larval fleas rapidly – within just 20 minutes of contact.

It is also water-fast.

It remains effective for a full month even after swimming or bathing.

It stops fleas from biting pets in just 3-5 minutes to give fast relief to flea-allergic dogs.

How DA Double Advantage works:

It combines the trusted ingredient of Advantage – Imidacloprid with the proven protection of Permethrin to kill even more parasites on dogs.

It combines both to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Each ingredient begins to affect pests on contact, attacking parasite nerve cells at different sites.

When combined, the two compounds overwhelm the parasite’s nervous system. This leads to rapid paralysis and death of the parasite.

It repels and kills ticks before they can attach.

Special Precaution and caution for this product:
This product is for external use only on dogs and puppies 7 weeks or older.

Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals and debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals.

Do not use this product on animals other than dogs.

This product is harmful to humans if swallowed.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
Do not use on puppies under 7 weeks of age.

Do not apply Advantix for Dogs to cats or animals other than dogs.

Do not permit cats to actively groom or have close physical contact with a recently treated dog.

Do not get this product in the pet’s eyes or mouth. Use with caution in sick and debilitated animals.

Safe to use on puppies from 7 weeks of age.

Side effects:
A sensation of burning, tingling, itching or numbness of the skin may occur after topical application. This sensation usually begins 1-2 hours after application and should usually go away on its own within 1-3 days.

Store this product in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Store in the original container only. Do not reuse original container. If the container is empty place in trash or offer for recycling if available.

Product Range:
DA Double Advantage For Dogs 25 kg
DA Double Advantage For Dogs 4 kg
DA Double Advantage For Dogs4-10 kg

About the Author:

By: OTC Vet Meds

OTC Pet Meds is a Singapore based online mail order Pharmacy Company. We provide non-prescription pet medicines along with all natural and nutritional supplements.
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