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Lyme Disease Information on Lyme Disease
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    June 20th, 2014Adminlyme disease in dogs

    – Anaplasmosis – a disease caused by a septic tick bite (most commonly blacklegged tick).
    -Ehrlichiosis is a disease that is spread by a tick bite, usually – the long star tick. Ehrlichiosis infect and kill the white blood cells. Ehrlichiosis is transmitted throughout a tick bite.
    -Rocky Mountain spotted fever is the most dangerous and most oftentimes reported in the United States. The American dog tick and wood tick carry the bacteria that causes this disease. The disease is passed through the skin into the bloodstream after a septic tick bites you. Other names of the disease: Tick Typhus, Tobia fever, Sao Paulo fever, Febre Maculosa, and Fiebre Manchada.
    – Colorado Tick Fever is an acute viral virus conveyed by an infected wood tick bite. It is also called Mountain tick fever, Mountain fever and American mountain fever.
    Tularemia is a serious infectious sickness. You can contract with Tularemia through and septic tick bite, clegg or mosquito. Tularemia is deadly in about 5% of of untreated cases, and in fewer than 1% of treated cases. It’s also called Deer-fly fever, Rabbit fever, Pahvant Valley plague, Ohara disease, Yatobyo, Lemming fever.
    – Babesiosis is a malaria-like disease, an infection of red blood cells. It is transmitted through a tick bite. Animal hosts include cows, sheep, deer, and dogs. It is also called Piroplasmosis.
    – Tick Paralysis is the only tick-borne disease that is not caused by an infectious organism. A tick attaching to the skin to feed on blood causes Tick Paralysis. During the feeding process, the toxin enters the bloodstream.
    Hard- and soft-bodied female ticks are thought to create a toxin that can cause children paralysis.
    – Relapsing Fever is an infection conveyed through louse or soft-bodied tick bite. The death rate for untreated Relapsing Fever ranges from 10 – 70%.
    It is also called Tick-borne relapsing fever and Louse-borne relapsing fever.

lymes disease in dogs symptoms

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Where can you find ticks?
You can find ticks on flora and on fauna in low-lying brushwood, hayfield, meadow pasture land, grasslands, swamp, fenland and at the beach.

What is the food of ticks?
Blood of animals, and people is the food of ticks. As you rub against bushes, plants and grass, the tick attaches you. Through a tick bite, it feeds itself.

Ticks often move to a warm, moist place: your head, neck, armpits, ankles, or groin (between your legs).

How do ticks move?
Ticks may crawl on the skin for up to one hour before biting you.

There are lots of sorts of ticks. Black legged-ticks or deer ticks (which carry Lyme disease bacteria) are typically tiny, no bigger than the head of a pin. Woodland and dog ticks are greatly bigger.

Wild birds and fauna can carry ticks, same as habitat fauna and pets as dogs, horses, and cows.
Ticks may attach people from fauna , trees and brushwood. A squirrel can drop down a tick on lawn, and you can be careless in examination ticks before treating the lawns.

Avoid a tick bite! Stay out of areas where ticks live.

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