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Lyme Disease Information on Lyme Disease
  • Symptoms Of Lyme Disease | Lyme-disease Awareness Important For Parents

    June 12th, 2011Adminsymptoms of lyme disease

    PLATTSBURGH – As the North Country attempts to dry out from an excessively wet spring, families have started to look for a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy their times together.

    A walk in the woods can be a special occasion for any family, but spending time outside can include hidden dangers that parents should keep a watchful eye out for.

    One such danger that can go unnoticed is the bite from an insect carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, an infection that can affect the joints, heart and nervous system if not treated early.

    “This has become a most vulnerable time for children,” said Darlene McMahon, whose 4-year-old son, Colin, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in February but more than likely contracted the infection more than a year earlier.

    “We’re all pressing our kids to get outside and do more, but there is a serious lack of education about Lyme disease. We need to create a greater awareness,” she said.

    Tracing the source

    McMahon and her family moved to the Plattsburgh area last August from Rutland, Vt. She is not sure where Colin may have been bitten by an infected tick or other insect known to carry the bacteria, but she has her suspicions.

symptoms of lyme disease

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“We were renting a house in Rutland right across from an apple orchard where we saw tons of deer. We used to play with Colin in that orchard quite a bit. There’s a very good chance he got infected there,” she said.

The other possibility McMahon has considered is the Lake George region where the family has done quite a bit of hiking with Colin’s grandparents.

Regardless of the source, Colin never came down with the typical symptoms of Lyme disease, including the bull’s-eye rash, headaches, fever and fatigue.

Symptoms emerge

“My son developed behavioral issues,” McMahon explained. “Last summer, he began to show symptoms of ADHD; he was very impulsive and couldn’t focus. His day care said he was having trouble listening to stories.”

Colin was also having difficulty sleeping and complained of fears that monsters were hiding in his room. He was also beginning to complain of aches and pains.

“We’d go hiking, and he’d walk 200 yards and want to be carried,” his mom said. “When he was 18 months (old), he’d go hiking for miles with his grandparents. Now I spent each night massaging his feet because of the pain.”

Colin’s personality changed, and symptoms seemed to emerge overnight. He had always been a social young boy but now complained that kids did not like him and was no longer the class leader. He would hide under tables in school or be reluctant to leave his mom when she dropped him off.

He eventually had to leave pre-K and had to stop going to swimming lessons and playing soccer, his mom noted.

“He couldn’t attend birthday parties where there might be too much loud noise because of sound sensitivity,” she said. “He had extreme light sensitivity and needed sunglasses outside always.”

He then developed a tic, repeatedly swiping his forehead and complaining about a tickling sensation. His parents brought him to his pediatrician, who suspected Lyme disease but suggested taking Colin to a specialist in treating the infection.

“I highly recommend a special lab

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