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Lyme Disease Information on Lyme Disease
  • scissors
    May 30th, 2014Adminlyme disease in dogs

    I am currently waiting for the vet to call with their finding regarding my dog’s ailment. she has a bite that red around it the size of a nickel. she does not seem lethargic and she eats as normal, but she is having trouble walking and is in pain in certain positions. a few weeks ago i was diagnosed with lyme disease and, oddly enough, these were my exact sypmtoms. i barely had a fever, i had no rash, no nausea, but i could hardly walk and i was lethargic. (apparently most people with lyme have a high fever and many much exaggerated flu symptoms) is it possible for a dog to have lyme disease and only present two symptoms: joint pain and rash? Has anyone ever experienced this?yes, i told the nurse this morning about my condition. i have been ready a lot of blogs and such from owners who had trouble getting a diagnosis for lyme on their dogs, when in fact the dog did have it. this is understandable considering that i was sick for two weeks before my doc figured out what was wrong.thanks for the help!

    Yes. One of my dogs tested positive for lyme disease when I was having her heart-worm tested and she showed no symptoms of it. Many dogs don’t show symptoms or take a while to show them.

    Yes, it’s perfectly possible – and the fact that the ticks in your area have the disease to pass on makes it quite likely. Does your vet know that you have been ill with Lyme’s recently?

    My dog had lymes disease and no lie. I know how people lie on this thing. Joint pain is a symptom. My dog was limping the first day, second day she couldn’t walk at all she couldn’t eat go to the bathroom all by herself. Your dog has Lymes disease.

    Yes. It’s entirely possible. Tell your vet that you had lyme diesease too, it may have assed from you to your dog.

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